Monday, 29 August 2016

Loud Intrusive Music

Now we are all aware of the precarious state that public houses are in at the moment, with horrendous numbers closing weekly (so we are told), so many of those still surviving are taking steps to keep their regular drinkers happy so that they will continue to support their local. We all support our local as much as possible, despite the rising costs.
Unfortunately, it would appear that this is not the case in our quiet and peaceful village. Many of the villagers around and in the near vicinity of the pub dread the coming of Bank Holidays for the loud intrusive music from the pub that invariably accompanies these holidays.
For some reason, the landlords, Sarah and Ted, have got it into their heads that if they provide music, of whatever standard, folk will flock to the pub and they will be able to make ends meet. The flaw with this, as has been shown at our pub, is that they get people from outside the village who come to hear the music, drink and then don’t come back, while the villagers who are the mainstay of trade, stay away. This is because many of the bands who play are lacking in musical talent and to cover this they turn their amplifiers up to maximum and disturb the peace. There’s no point in sitting in our gardens during Bank Holiday evenings!
Having said that, there are times when the pub does put on good music. The monthly Acoustic Night on the third Sunday evening in the month is always well supported and the pub is full. The musicians are helped by minimal amplification, only to raise the volume over the general hubbub in the pub.
When the Kit Hillbillies visit, they have their own sound man and always ask if the sound is too loud, as does Johnny Mack and his group when they play (next gig November!).
For the last two Bank Holidays there has been loud ‘music’ every evening for four nights. This weekend has been a Beer and Burger Festival, which I would have gone to several times in the evening, but not when there is loud music.
I know there are many residents around the pub who can’t stand the loudness and there are others some distance away who find it annoying, so I suggest to them that they do what I have done on both occasions – complain to the Environmental Services at West Devon Borough Council or contact Councillor Robin Musgrave.
I am not against the pub or against music – only that it is played too loudly by people who have little talent. The professionals always ask if it’s too loud! Ours is a peaceful village, that’s why we like it and why we want it to stay that way!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Calling all Music Lovers and Budding Videographers

The Westcountry’s young upcoming singer songwriter Roisin is performing at the Olde Plough Inn in Bere Ferrers on Friday 19th August at 9.30pm. 
After her amazing performance at the Bere Ferrers Chilled on the Quay Festival,  people are still talking about her hauntingly beautiful voice (some compared her to Lana Del Ray).
Many promotional videos are very contrived, so her management have come up with the idea of using the audience perspective to put over a reflection of her talent. They are asking people to make videos of her performance on their phones (instructions will be given on the night of how and where to post on social media).
After a month the video that has the most Likes will win a meal for two at the Olde Plough Inn (kindly donated by Sarah, the landlady). 
Sarah said people haven’t stopped talking about her since the festival and is thrilled she has chosen the Olde Plough to launch her fledgling career. Roisin will be performing all her own songs.
The gig will be starting late to help create a chilled atmosphere. Her surprise support artist will be someone who will be familiar to many music lovers.
The event will be free to attend.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Entertainment listing – September and October 2016

Table Tennis each Monday evening 7-9ish, also on Thursday mornings between 10 and 12pm in the Club, all equipment and coaching is provided. There is no need to book, just turn up and play.  This really is a great way to stay fit and have fun, for all ages and abilities: £2 a session.

Supper Night 3rd September at 7.30pm, followed by popular local band ‘THE SUMMITS’, formerly known as Hitchcock and Hyde. They always deliver a lively evening’s entertainment; if you can't manage one of Margaret’s delicious suppers then come along later for drinks, music and dancing! To book for supper call Margaret on 01822 840534.

Open Mic Thursday 8th September and 13th October, hosted by George Nixs.  If you want to, then join in with our many regular performers or just sit back and enjoy the music.  George is one of the best-known “live” entertainers for clubs, pubs & events throughout the South West.  Quite simply, he’s one of Britain’s finest guitarists, and has a huge following of fans.  Having played lead guitar for The Hollies, Tony Hicks, and Suzie Quatro, George has also worked with Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jeff Beck, and Dire Straits. 

Saturday 17th September 8pm  ‘RACE NIGHT’ a lively evening of edge of your seat suspense, try your luck and see if you can beat the odds!  Races shown on the large screen TV with live commentary!

Tuesday 27th September 8pm Monthly Quiz  A great way to keep your brain active! Come along and exercise the grey matter, just turn up with your own team, or if you are on your own join one of our existing teams - there are a few that need some help!

Karaoke with Ron! Saturday 24th September and 29th October, a classic evening’s entertainment!

It's APPLE FEST day on 1st October, and following what looks to be a bumper apple crop the club bar will be open and serving a varied selection of ciders at lunchtime, followed by an Apple Fest themed SUPPER NIGHT to follow in the evening. Please ring Margaret Ball on  01822 840534 to book a meal..


Craft afternoon, Saturday 8th October Learn to crochet with Lesley 8th October 2-5pm £5 per person. All proceeds go to the Friends of the Club refurbishment fund –phase 2! There will be a range of fun things to learn to make; please book in with Tricia Kent on 01822 840918.  This will be the first of many craft activities with a range of different crafts to try.

Acoustic Jam Session! Saturday 15th October   Back by popular demand!

CAR BOOT & TABLE TOP SALE Sunday 16th October   10am – 2 pm, £10 a table and £8 per car. Please book your place through Shirley Munn on 01822 841739. All proceeds go to the Friends of the Club refurbishment fund – phase 2!

Tuesday 25th October 8pm SPLENDIFEROUS (yes it is a proper word!) Charity Quiz   A fun evening and inspirational way to support our local charity ‘Youth2Youth’ and their cooking project EAT, helping to encourage local youngsters to learn valuable cooking skills, organised in conjunction with the Yelverton Rotary Club.

Full details of all the Club’s activities and Bere Ferrers village events can be found at You can also join us on our Facebook group at The BFS Club to keep up to date or in the Diary held at the club.

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